Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence Services

Make Your Business More Efficient and Ready for the Future

Strive System Webtech brings to you a wide range of artificial intelligence services that are specifically designed for businesses of all sizes and from diverse industrial backgrounds. Our AI services help you to boost productivity, enhance analytical abilities and maximize the Return on Investment.

Why Does Your Business Need Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence on AI uses the latest technology to reduce the time and resources taken to complete individual tasks and hence improve productivity. Here are some of the scenarios in which AI can help your business

  1. AI in Marketing – You can analyze your audience’s behavior by analyzing a large set of data considerably quickly. This will help you optimize your marketing campaigns. You can also integrate AI chatbots to enhance customer experience on your website.
  2. AI in Sales – You can use the computational power of AI to predict trends more accurately. You can also use AI to automate processes such as sales reports, customer follow-up, invoice creation, and the like.
  3. AI in Human Resources – Artificial Intelligence makes it incredibly easy to manage human resources. You can manage things like leaves, bonuses, salary payments, etc. with just a few clicks.

Why Partner With Us?

At Strive System Webtech, we are driven by a team of experienced and skilled AI process engineers and developers who deliver the right solutions for your needs. Here are some of our advantages;

  1. Trustworthy Services – We have years of experience in helping a wide range of businesses, both large and small, from a variety of industrial sectors. Therefore, you can always count on us to deliver the right solution for your business
  2. Reputed Clients – We have developed AI solutions for some of the most popular brands in the US and across the world.
  3. Result-Driven Technology – As a business, you want to get results. We understand that and that is why we offer solutions that are proven to achieve the desired results.

Our Services

Digital Virtual Agents – Digital Virtual Agents or software applications that are capable of independently understanding human behavior. We develop and deploy advanced Digital Virtual Agents that can be used for customer interaction or to be used to optimize internal processes.

Chatbots – Our custom-designed AI chatbotsallow you to offer customer support on your website, without hiring a customer support team. This reduces costs while improving the overall customer experience on your website

Machine Learning Operations – Machine learning systems can be used in a variety of different applications. We help you integrate machine learning functionality into your business and existing business processes that help to optimize and enhance efficiency

Predictive Analytics – We will develop AI solutions that calculate a large set of data and automatically create models that give accurate predictions for future sales, or expected results on particular marketing campaigns or other activities.

Customer Behaviour Analytics – Understanding customers is critical for the success of any business. Our team can design and develop AI applications that help you to gain useful insights into customer behavior.

Our AI Software Development Roadmap

We follow a specific process for developing AI software applications for your business. Here is an overview of the process that we follow

STEP 1 – Understanding Goals – Our team will have a detailed discussion with you and all other stakeholders to understand the goals you are looking to achieve with AI implementation.

STEP 2 – Planning – We would plan the tasks required to achieve the set goals. The individual tasks are broken into simpler sequences so that they could be ‘coded’ into the software

STEP 3 – Development – At this stage, we would start the coding work. We will choose from multiple platforms and programming languages and use the ones that will work best for you.

STEP 4 – Integration – Once the application is fully developed and tested, we would integrate it with your existing website or other systems as required. We would run multiple tests to ensure that the application is working properly

STEP 5 –  Maintenance – Our team will also keep an eye on the system to ensure that it is working without any errors. If any errors are observed, we will fix them right away.


So, get ready to harness the power of AI!
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